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Building More Effective Advertising Campaigns

Applied Database Technologies has developed a comprehensive set of tools for building voice commercial landing pages and direct mail campaigns. The program is based on standardized template configurations, allowing the user to deploy a template as a landing page, direct mail piece, or both.

Once the landing page is built, the user can insert the page URL into any online media outlet, or imprint the link onto a direct mail piece, or other print collateral, creating a desktop environment for deploying your advertising. We can also embed the template with a mailing list that the user can download and print with our Desktop Direct Mail™ product.

The landing page ads can also be embedded into your day-to-day desktop PDF documents, allowing you to add a promotional layer into brand and image collateral. We host both the brand piece and the underlying template, giving you a seamless way to integrate brand and promotional advertising.

Benefits for voice commercial landing pages

• 950+ unit template library, segmented by landing page & direct mail layouts
• 4 pre-programmed & standardized layout configurations
• Integration of voice & landing page technologies
• Insert page links into any online digital, or offline print media
• Drive advertising messaging from your desktop
• Insert promotional templates as underlying layer in brand advertising
• Templates reside on desktop as PDF documents for 1-off pieces
• Build page ads and direct mail packages in 10 - 15 minutes
• Save time and money on design fees
• Download direct mail templates embedded with mailing list
• Execute direct mail drip campaigns with Desktop Direct Mail™
• Target mailings with demographic & radius mailing lists
• Target mailings with new movers & new phone connects
• Develop testing strategies for VCLPs, offers, outbound calls, SIC codes, & mailing lists

Applications for voice commercial landing pages

Direct template applications

• Direct mail
• Desktop Direct Mail™
• Landing pages
• Advertising guides
• Online display ads
• Email sign-up forms
• Gift certificates
• Employee rewards
• Direct mail sign-up forms
  Re-direct link applications

• Insert media
• Digital email signatures
• Free standing inserts
• Customer receipts
• Room reservation confirmations
• Online display ads
• Promotional merchandise
• Retail merchandise wrap & packaging
• Monthly billing & statements

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