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Welcome to our online email address database system

The ADT database can be used to receive, store and manage email addresses and page codes from any of the following media applications.
  • Submissions from website pages
  • Submissions from website videos
  • Submissions from website digital PDF media
  • Submissions from website coupons
  • Submissions from landing pages
  • 1-off data entry at point-of-sale
  • Uploading and managing your in-house email list(s)
  • Exporting for outbound email marketing
Once an email address enters the database system, an auto-response email message is generated in real-time to the customer, with the website visitor's email address and product page code attached. The product/video page code alerts the customer as to what motivated the website visitor to submit their inquiry for more information.

When the email address form strategy is established, we set up the email address submission forms in multiple locations on the website, and structured so the visitor submits their email address directly into what they are viewing on the website, typically a video, document, or a promotional coupon.

With the way the system is structured, we establish a 2-way exchange of information between the website visitor, with the submission of the email address, and the download of the PDF video document. The video is embedded within the PDF, so the digital PDF collateral and video travel together to the customer's desktop.

The software can also identify email addresses that have come into the database from multiple media, and at multiple times, giving us the ability to filter by 'multi-name' email address submissions.

We turn what would normally have been random and passive website traffic into actionable leads. The auto-response email notifications give the user an ability to start an immediate conversation about the website visit.

The system integrates, and establishes communications loops between all of the following major pieces of media.
  • Website
  • Video
  • Email address lead generation
  • Digital PDF marketing collateral
  • TV media buys
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