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Hotline Direct Mail™

Achieve unbeatable speed-to-market with our direct mail products

There’s been a move to a new home, or a change in the status of a phone number listing, or maybe an increase in a homeowner’s purchasing power as a result of a mortgage transaction . . . the bottom line, there’s been a change in the status of the household or business.

Hotline mailing lists are direct mail responsive, but getting to them first is critical to your success. These households and businesses are in the market for furniture, appliances, home improvements, Internet, cable, satellite TV, home security and may other things.

Speed-to-market is important to your success and the combination of our hotline mailing lists and hosted Desktop Direct Mail™ solutions provide the type of speed to achieve that success. We host your direct mail template, embed the hotline mailing list into the mailer, you download the direct mail and print.

We provide the direct mail forms that allow you to print your Hotline Direct Mail™ directly from your desktop printer. The hotline lists are updated weekly, and with our Desktop Direct Mail™ system in place, you have the ability to get your offer to market before the competition calls their printer.

Our hotline mailing lists include the following:
  • New movers
  • New residential phone connects
  • New business phone connects
  • Mortgage refinance
  • Home equity loans & equity line-of-credit loans (HELs & HELOCs)
Hotline mailing lists represent a change in lifestyle, or business circumstances that instantly creates a potential market for your products or services. You can achieve unbeatable speed-to-market with our Hotline Direct Mail™ and Desktop Direct Mail™ products and get your offer to market before anyone else.

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