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It is one thing to offer competitively priced direct mail to your customers, but it's even better when you can put customers in a position to succeed with direct mail and all of their other print media. The opportunities for integrating any offline print media with online applications for generating higher consumer interest have never been greater.

By utilizing our template platform, we can create an advertising page in an instant, and have it linked to any print or online advertising media for collecting responses and building your sales. Examples of print media can include direct mail, newspaper and magazine ads, newsletters, email sign-up forms, in-store handouts, merchandise packaging and wrap, promotional products and credit/debit card sales receipts.

Now when the sales associate hands the sales receipt to your customers, they can inform the customer to go online to sign up and download your valuable customer rewards and coupons. With this capability in place, you can take advantage of existing foot traffic and incent your customers with in-line rewards.

With our database system in place, your organization can also convert all of your existing product description flyers into multi-media landing pages that can be emailed to your customers. Now the customer gets to see flyer, hear the 30-second audio commercial and interact by submitting their email address, all while never losing visual contact with your page and advertising message.

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