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Online direct mail delivered to your desktop

Many small businesses and individual sales producers have always wanted to be able to effectively produce short-run direct mail, but lacked the resources and sometimes the technical expertise to produce the direct mail.

Now with our template platform and direct mail hosting, you can send us your ad copy and we'll update the online direct mail template, pull a direct mail list based on your demographic criteria, embed the mailing list into the template, inform you of the update, you click on your direct mail link, download the pieces and produce them your desktop printer, or push out to your local digital printer.

Now when you come up with that great idea, you can literally be in the mail within hours and having customers responding to your offers. It's also a great system for testing lists, offers, price points, and when connected to our landing page system, you can also test audio commercials. You can also tie different audio commercials to different lists, or list segments, to create additional leverage on response.

Once you're happy with the response rates, you can expand the direct mail quantities into larger print runs, all the while utilizing the Desktop Direct Mail™ system for continual testing.

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