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Power up your outbound appointment setting with Data-Driver™

You can also drive the outbound delivery of your voice commercial landing pages (VCLPs) with our Data-Driver™ prospecting database system for your business-to-business advertising. Once you've decided on your target audience, we insert the outbound calling and mailing list into the desktop database system.

Now you can do outbound appointment setting and automatically generate vertically segmented email messages with links to your VCLPs. Your prospect responds by entering their email address into the landing page, requesting follow-up information and opt-in permissions to receive other offers.

The prospect's email address migrates into a back-end contact database that can be tracked by store location, dealership, sales person, VCLP, offer, SIC code, and other measurable data elements that you might like to track for response rate effectiveness.

• Build & segment VCLPs by SIC code
• Write ad copy & produce voice commercials by product, or vertical market
• Segment outbound call campaigns by title, body copy & VCLP links
• Tag outbound SIC code target with campaign code
• Enter prospect's email address into application
• Generate outbound auto-send email with custom-tailored message
• Prospect reads email & clicks on VCLP link
• Prospect reads & listens to VCLP advertisement
• Prospect enters email address into landing page to request additional information
• Email addresses migrate into back-end database for 24/7 access
• Customer checks online database for lead status
• Order direct mail by SIC codes

The Data-Driver™ system streamlines the process of outbound calling, appointment setting, email outreach, incoming email submissions and the ordering of Desktop Direct Mail™. Plus it gives you a vertically targeted messaging and delivery system.

You can send solo VCLPs, or roll them up into a multi-page system for dealer channels, ISOs, large wide-spread W-2 sales organizations, or independent retail merchant locations. Now the landing pages in the multi-unit system can be personalized with contact information for each location.

We create page URLs for the individual pages and also the multi-page system as a whole. This allows you to insert the link to the system into Data-Driver™, and now you're making outbound calls and driving traffic to the networked pages in the system. Each individual page in the network is also given the group link, allowing them to insert the link into any of their advertising media.

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