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After 10 years in cut-sheet and continuous form direct mail sales, I started a list services business in 1996. The direct mail production sales experience built the foundation for my direct marketing background. It allowed me to build a technical expertise in all facets of direct mail manufacturing, including complex data processing projects, prospecting database development, continuous form printing, envelope production and large-volume lead generation programs.

Over the past 15 years, I've built a list services capability with a strong emphasis on consumer demographics, segmentation strategies, offer development and copywriting. The combination of print manufacturing and list services provides a unique skill set for the development of effective direct mail and online advertising services.

Most recently, we've created a template-based software platform for driving our direct mail and landing page services. The template libraries are segmented into two major groups, one for direct mail and one for landing pages. Each individual template comes in four standardized page layout configurations, offering unparalleled flexibility in building page ads, and saving you time and money on design fees.

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